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Shrimps, which are a type of shellfish, are one of the indispensable dishes of world cuisine due to their low calorie content. Despite their insect-like appearance, they actually have a very delicious taste and are often preferred for their flavor.

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  • Shrimps, a crustacean living in the sea, are one of the essential dishes of world cuisines. They are often preferred due to their low calorie content. Despite their insect-like appearance that may seem unappealing to some people, they actually have a very delicious taste. Many people who initially had prejudice towards them solely based on their appearance have changed their minds after trying them once, and have included them in their favorite dishes. These species, which can live in both sweet and salty water, are mostly found in Europe and North America, living in the shallower parts of the seas. Their size varies between 1-30 cm on average. This creature, known to have about 2500 varieties, has 10 legs. Depending on their species, they can be black, red, gray, white, brown, and more. The most well-known species are tiger, orange, black tiger, cherry, sakura, and cardinal shrimps. These creatures have a rich content of potassium, selenium, protein, and iodine. There are also about 60 shrimp species in Turkish seas, and 7 of them are preferred for commercial purposes. Their physical structure consists of two parts, the head and the abdomen, and they have a characteristic that differs between males and females.

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